Our Mission

We are supporting medical treatment for poor children’s open-heart surgery operation and other treatments etc…

Help Childrens

Sathya Nidhi Charitable Trust focus medical treatment for Poor Children’s, Orphanage, Educations and physically challenge people.


We have learned and experience through our project the value of effort in our actions.
Lots of peoples are supporting 1% of amount from their salary to the poor children’s.

Welcome to Sathya Nidhi Charitable Trust

Sathya Nidhi Charitable Trust conducts general health medical camps for the deprived residents of Children’ Home, Boys Village, Girls Home, Home for Special Children and Home for the Aged Mothers on quarterly basis.


Baby Name: Gnana Deepak, 1 year 2 months(Male baby)

Baby Name: Gnana Deepak,
1 year 2 months(Male baby)
Problem: Liver Problem
Amount: 12,00,000/-

Baby Name: Harshavardhan, 2 Months (Male Baby)

Baby Name: Harshavardhan,
2 Months( Male Baby)
Problem: Heart Valve Problem Amount:4,00,000/-

Child Name: Jithish
(7 years, Male)

Child Name: Jithish (7 Years, Male) Problem: Liver Transplant Operation Amount: 2,250,000/-

Child Name: Prasanya (6 Years, Female)

Child Name: Prasanya (6 Years, Female) Problem: Liver Transplant Problem Amount: 30,00,000/-

Baby Name: Baby of Pavithra (Twins Baby)

Baby Name: Baby of Pavithra
(Twins Baby)
Problem: Premature (Breathing Problem)

Baby Name: Baby of Dhiya

Baby Name: Baby of Dhiya (Female baby) ,3 Months Problem: Stomach Problem Amount: 3,25,000/-

Baby Name: Baby of Saranraj

Baby Name: Baby of Saranraj
Problem: Lungs Problem
Amount: 2,50,000/-

Baby Name: Baby of Kiran

Baby Name: Baby of Kiran
Problem: Heart Problem
Amount: 3,00,000/-

Baby Name: Baby of Praveen

Baby Name: Baby of Praveen
Problem: Hernia Problem
Amount: 2,50,000/-

Baby Name: Baby of Kishore

Baby Name: Baby of Kishore (Male Baby), 40 Days Problem: Lungs Problem Amount: 3,00,000/-

Baby Name: Roshan

Baby name:Roshan (25 Days, Boy Baby) Problem: Heart (Hole in the wall) Amount: 300000/-

Child Name: Deepa

Child Name: Deepa (11 years, Female) Problem: TB Problem Amount: 375000/-

Baby Name: Lokesh

Baby Name: Lokesh (2 Years,Male Baby) Problem: Heart Operation Amount: 400000/-

Baby Name: MathuPriya

Baby Name: MathuPriya Operation: Bone Marrow Transplant Amount: Rs. 28,00,000/-

Baby Name: Sujith

Baby Name : Sujith (20 Days, Male Baby) Problem : Brain Tumour Amount: 400000/-

Baby Name: Kathirvel

Operation: Heart Surgery Amount: Rs, 200000

Child Name: Karthiga

Amount: 500000/- Problem: TB Problem

Baby Name: Kanish

Father Name: Venugopal Operation: Born Marrow Transplant Amount: 250000

Baby Name: Kanish

Name: Shanmathi Shree Operation: Premature Baby Amount: Rs, 1900000

Baby Name: Baby Of Samuel(Male Baby), 6 Month

Amount: 1500000/- Problem: Premature (Breathing Problem)

Baby Name: Dhanya (9 Years Girl Baby)

Problem: Muscle Problem Amount:3,00,000/-

Baby Name: Nihithsai (Male Baby),

Amount:200000/- Problem: Blood Cancer

Baby Name: Dharmalingesh

Problem: Kidney Failure Amount:200000/-

Baby Name: Jai Prajith

Problem- Brain Operation Amount: Rs. 3,50,000/-

Baby Name: Jayalaxshmi

Problem- Chronic Lung Disease Amount: Rs. 6,40,000/-

Premature Baby

Premature Baby Amount: 250000

Baby Name: Baby Of Vanisri(Male Baby) ,6month

Problem :Premature(Breathing Problem) Amount:513450/-

Baby Name: Vetri

Problem: Brain Nerves Problem Amount-1,50,000/-

Name: Rakshitha

Heart Operation, Amount: 3,00,000 Operation Successfully Completed

Name : Surya Prakash

8 Years Boy, Open Heart Surgery, Surgery Amount : 6,00,000, Operation Successfully Completed.

Mother Name : Saritha

6 Month Pre Mature Baby, Breathing Problem, Amount: 12 Lakhs



Name: Varshini

Blood Cancer, Ramachandra Hospital Amount: 6,00,000 Demised

Name: Baby Of Dharani

Premature( Breathing Problem ), Amount: 5,00,000

Name : Bhavyan

Amount:600000 Operation: Born Cancer

Name : Baby Of Rekha

Problem: Premature ( Breathing Problem ) Amount: 2,00,000/-



Account Holder Name:Sathya Nidhi Charitable Trust
Bank: City Union Bank

Account No: 500101012211934

IFS Code: CIUB0000260.

A/c Type:Saving Account

Branch: Ambattur

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